Eyebrows Karaoke & Trivia

So you want to sing a song or maybe do some Trivia? Don't want to go into the city and spend eight bucks on a beer - or better yet, two bucks per song? Fantastic, you have come to the right place! Being from Brooklyn, I wanted to find a good spot to hang out.  Problem was, I couldn't find a place .  It wasn't until a good friend of mine said, "Hey!  You've got a big mouth and a pretty decent voice.  Why don't YOU host karaoke?"  I took a moment and replied, "You, Sir, are a genius!" 

My name is Tommy, but you can call me Eyebrows.  I love what I do!  I hop around Brooklyn, gracing bars with my voice that can only be compared to the sound of angels singing.  By now you can also note my sentences that drip with sarcasm.  I create a new twist to events by adding fun, hilarity and dry humor.  If you sing wonderfully, I make sure others appreciate it.  If you're a bit tone deaf, I'll help make sure that you own that song!  I'll even step in as your back up dancer, free of charge! With trivia, I create questions that make you really think.  From T.V. Themes songs to famous movie quotes, I have the trivia for you!